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Introduction to park homes

Park Home is the commonly used term for a mobile home (caravan) on a protected...

Buying or gifting a park home

This guide is not meant to describe or give a full interpretation of the law...

Selling a park home

See also the flow chart The process of selling a mobile home (PDF). This guide is...

Local authorities’ fees policies

Local Authority Name Link Adur Worthing Link Allerdale Council Link Ambervalley Borough Council Link Arun...

Buying and selling park homes

Podcast with John Clement Partner at Tubervilles Solicitors: The buying and selling process of park homes:

  • Explanation of the changes to the law in this area
  • The difference between buying and selling a “New Agreement” and “Existing Agreement
  • The basic procedure involved in buying and selling
  • Brief overview of gifting a park home

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