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If I want to sell my park home how much will it be worth?

When you come to sell a park home, it is important to remember that the resale value will depend on the location and the condition of the home when you put it up for sale. In addition, the state of the current housing market will have an impact on the resale value.

At current market rates, the typical resale value for a pre-owned park homes ranges from £50,000 – £200,000.

If you are selling a park home it is also important to remember that the park site owner is entitled to receive a commission on the sale of the home at a rate not exceeding 10% of the sale price. For instance, if a park homeowner sells their park home for £200,000, they will receive only £180,000 from the purchaser, who must pay the £20,000 balance to the site owner.

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