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Is there a fee payable when applying to the Tribunal?

There is a fee of £100 payable for an application to the Tribunal, and, if required, an additional hearing fee of £200. You will need to pay these fees unless you qualify for a fee waiver or reduction, this is known as the fee remission system, outlined in form EX160A Court and Tribunal Fees – Do I have to pay them?

For Wales, the Tribunal application fees range from £155 to £515. Please carefully look at the fee structure contained in the application form you are to use.

For applications by the park homeowner or site owner to challenge a pitch fee only, the application fee is £20, not £100. The fee applies to each individual home so a group of residents would have to pay £20 separately, they cannot share the application fee.

However, please note that the park homeowner does not have to pay the increase in pitch fee if he/she disputes the matter – they can just pay the old fee until the site owner applies for and obtains a determination from the FTT as to the correct pitch fee.

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