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Can I get a mortgage to buy a park home?

Due to the unique tenure of a park home, most conventional high street lenders will not provide you with a mortgage to finance your purchase. As a result, most park homes are bought outright, often from the proceeds of selling a conventional home.

When you buy a park home, you own the home itself but you do not own the land on which the home is situated.  In contrast, when you purchase a freehold property made of bricks and mortar you also purchase the land the property sits on.

When someone takes out a mortgage to purchase a property, the lender providing the mortgage secures their loan against the property and the land the property is built on. As park homeowners have no claim to the land on which their home sits, lenders cannot secure the mortgage against the value of the land.

If you are not a cash buyer, it may be possible to arrange financing for a park home through a specialist finance company. Although there is no standardised loan for buying a park home, the companies that offer specialist loans allow you to borrow money to cover the purchase cost, using the park home itself as collateral.

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