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Tribunal decisions – pitch fees

Case Summary/Outline Tribunal reference Decision date Address Local Authority Tribunal
The Tribunal considered various issues when making the determination of the new level of pitch fee for the numerous respondents. CHI/18UH/PHI/2016/0013-0019 15/11/2016 Ashburton Park Devon Southern
Three traveller sites – all three applications were heard together. Determination made on pitch fee payable on each pitch and site. (1) MAN/00FB/PHI/2016/0009-19 (2) MAN/00FB/PHI/2016/0020-35 (3) MAN/00FB/PHI/2016/0036-59 19/10/2016 Various sites in Hull The East Riding of Yorkshire Council Northern
Paper determination – Tribunal determined that the proposed increase is reasonable CHI-24UB-PHI-2016-0010 16/09/2016 Attwood Close Basingstoke and Dean Borough Council Southern
CHI/23UE/PHI/2014/0014 22/12/2014 14/15c Woodlands Park Gloucester GL2 4PT Gloucestershire Southern
CAM/22UH/PHI/2014/0019 12/11/2014 2,3,4,5,7,8,9,15,17,18,19 and 20 The Owl Loughton IG10 4AL Loughton Eastern
CHI/19UG/PHI/2014/0018-20 7/11/2014 4,12 and 13 Knoll Park Dorset DT2 8LD Dorset Southern
CAM/12UE/PHI/2014/0017 4/11/2014 1,12,41,44 and 45 Pinehill Park Wyton PE28 2DZ Wyton Eastern
CAM/00KC/PHI/2014/0009-10 28/10/2014 2 and 7 Manor Court Dunton Lane Bedforshire SG18 8QS Bedforshire Eastern
BIR/44UF/PHI/2014/0012/0011 27/10/2014 88 and 102 Hinksford Mobile Park Home Staffordshire Midlands
CAM/00KC/PHI/2014/0009-10 12/9/2014 2 and 7 Manor Court Dunton Lane Bedforshire SG18 8QS Bedforshire Eastern
CHI/00HA/PHI/2014/0009 4/9/2014 57 Quarry Rock Gardens Bath BA2 6EF Bath Southern
CAM/12UD/PHI/2014/0014 29/8/2014 29 Osbourne Park Wisbech PE13 3JR Wisbech Eastern
CAM/22UN/PHI/2014/0003 24/6/2014 66 Castlehill Park Essex CO16 9QW Essex Eastern
CAM/22UL/PHI/2014/0008 5/6/2014 39 Crouch Park Essex SS5 6PX Essex Eastern
CHI/00HT/PHI/2013/0022 30/5/2014 22 Trowbridge Lodge Wiltshire BA14 6DL Wiltshire Southern
CHI/29UC/PHI/2014/0003 CHI/29UC/PHI/2014/0004 9/4/2014 82 and 88 Woodlands Estate Canterbury CT2 9JN Canterbury Southern
CHI/23UE/PHI/2013/0013 7/2/2014 14/15c Woodlands Park Gloucester GL2 4PT Gloucestershire Southern
CHI/40UD/PHI/2013/0021/0022 CHI/40UD/PHC/2013/0019 24/1/2014 South Somerset Residential Park Somerset TA20 3EA Somerset Southern
MAN/00EQ/PHI/2012/0015 15/3/2013 4 Agden Brow Cheshire WA13 0UB Cheshire Northern
BIR/17UJ/PHC/2013/0001 2/1/2013 68 Brookfield Park Derbyshire S42 6AF Derbyshire Midlands
CHI/24UE/PHI/2012/0011/0012 14/6/2012 Pitches on Northfield Park Fareham PO16 8NF Fareham Southern
CAM/00KF/PHI/2012/0022 23/2/2012 Pitch 43 East Beach Park Essex SS3 9SG Essex Eastern
BIR/44UE/PHI/2011/0002 4/1/2012 5,7 and 21 Long cast Mobile home park Welford on Avon CV37 8HF Warwickshire Midlands

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