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Previous events

Hertfordshire- 29th July

LEASE arranged a presentation for the residents concerning the Mobile Homes Act 2013. 90 people attended.

We received excellent feedback – the organiser stated that it was a very helpful and informative presentation which was appreciated by the audience.

Beccles – 18 July 2014

A residents meeting followed a training session in the morning for the benefit of local authority officers.

22 residents attended the presentation and the MP for Waveney, Peter Aldous also attended. After the meeting, LEASE discussed with Mr Aldous the issues arising from the Mobile Homes Act 2013 and their plans to deliver advice sessions to residents.

The event was well received and the issues discussed involved pitch fees, site rules, licensing and sales and gifts.

Feedback from Sandy Campbell, Principal Environmental Health Officer

Thank you so much for attending and delivering our training and information day.

My team were very grateful for your encompassing knowledge and the provision of those brilliant packs of information.

Likewise, the residents have gave good feedback and they truly benefited from your time.

Thank you again so very much and thank goodness for your organisation’s existence.

Ashford Borough Council – 21 July 2014

LEASE delivered a presentation to site owners. 7 site owners/representatives attended. Information regarding the changes that have occurred were communicated. The attendees commented that the presentation was informative.

LEASE have been invited to Ashford for further advice sessions with residents.

Mid Suffolk Council – 22 July 2014

60 residents attended and LEASE provided advice on a number of issues to residents.

After the presentation, the residents explained that they gained more knowledge about the changes arising from the Mobile Homes Act 2013.

Mid Suffolk Council have commented that they would like LEASE to attend in late autumn or spring to deliver further presentations.

Ashford Borough Council Event 23 June 2014

LEASE was pleased to attend an Ashford Borough Council event on the main legal changes introduced by the Mobile Homes Act 2013. Around 80 people attended in addition to Ashford Borough Council councillors. Council leader Gerry Clarkson introduced LEASE’s presentation which was followed by a well-received question and answer session. LEASE looks forward to further events in Ashford and around the country.

Bracknell Borough Council Event 13 May 2014

LEASE Park Home Advisers were invited to the Warfield Residential Park, Bracknell. This event was kindly arranged and supported by the Head of Regulatory Services at Bracknell Forest Borough Council. There were approximately 60 residents in attendance.

LEASE advisers made presentations on the four main topics following the recent changes implemented by the Mobile Homes Act 2013: (1) pitch fee review, (2) sales and gifts, (3) site rules and (4) licensing requirements. This was followed by a very interesting Q&A session.

LEASE is very happy to have been invited to present to the Borough for the second time and invite those who may have further questions to contact our dedicated Park Homes Advice line on 020 7383 9844.

Guildford Borough Council Event 8 May 2014

LEASE were invited by the Council to explain to an audience of local Park Home residents the changes in the law brought about by the Mobile Homes Act 2013. The event was well-attended and also addressed by Surrey Trading Standards, who discussed consumer rights.

LEASE’s presentation focussed on: (1) pitch fee review, (2) sales and gifts, (3) site rules and (4) licensing requirements.

Various topics were covered during a wide-ranging question and answer session – from pitch fee reviews to the consequences of reduced amenities on a site.

Alison Colquhoun, Environmental Health Officer at Guildford Borough Council commented after the event:

Thank you for speaking at our event yesterday, from the phone calls and emails I have had this morning it was very well received. Park residents, site owners and local authorities are all scratching their heads over all the new legislation and it is great to know that your service provides high quality, impartial and free information. I will continue to spread the word.

Runnymede Borough Council Event 24 April 2014

The Council organised this all day event for park homes owners and invited LEASE to explain the changes introduced by the Mobile Homes Act 2013. It was a well attended event split into 2 sessions. The first session had a turnout of 44 and 48 were present in the second session.

A LEASE Senior Adviser gave a very informative presentation on park homes law, primarily focussing on: (1) pitch fee review, (2) sales and gifts, and (3) site rules.

Site licensing matters were covered by a Runnymede BC Environmental Health Technician.

Each session was followed by a lively question and answer session. LEASE advisers were on hand to answer some of the questions which primarily focused on pitch fee reviews particularly the use of the pitch fee review form, sales and gifts, gifting a park home in one’s lifetime and making provisions under a will as well as many licensing matters.

We look forward to meeting many more Park Home owners, site owners, councillors and others in the next few months. If you would like LEASE advisers to come to your site or your district please complete the booking form.

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