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Introduction to park homes

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Buying or gifting a park home

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Selling a park home

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Local authorities’ fees policies

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Does a park home require similar maintenance to a traditional home?

A park home and the pitch it sits on will require maintenance just like a brick and mortar property. You will need to keep the home and pitch in a good state of repair as a condition of living in the home.

Unlike traditional homes, park homes are typically constructed using marine plywood rather than bricks-and-mortar, which means their exterior walls require different treatment. It is important that you frequently check the exterior walls of your park home for hairline cracks caused by the natural shrinkage of the cladding. If you do spot any cracks in the cladding, you can cover these with some exterior filler.

The windows, doors, and roof of a park home also require maintenance. It is important that you catch and deal with any problems as quickly as you can. If you keep on top of the maintenance of your park home, you will help to ensure that it remains weatherproof throughout its lifetime.

If you are buying a second-hand home, it is worth getting a survey before you purchase to identify any repair or structural issues in the home. You can use the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) website to find a surveyor that offers services for mobile homes.

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